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Denied Compensation? How to Prove Your Back Pain Is Genuine

A sore back is the most common reason people take time off from work. Chronic pain can become debilitating and severely limit mobility. Arthritis, cancer, and fractures of the back are easy to diagnose. Unfortunately, the cause of most back pain is not this obvious. The denial of compensation from the lack of medical evidence is traumatic for people in pain, so here is how to avoid that scenario.  

See a Specialist

Get a referral to an osteopath. As experts, they understand the challenges in diagnosing the severity and the cause of different types of back pain. Their exams can help to pinpoint the location of the injury and make treatment suggestions more effective. More importantly, their expertise makes it possible for them to diagnose when someone has a genuine problem even if it cannot be seen on lab test or x-ray.

The diagnosis from an expert is essential when seeking worker's compensation or disability benefits. The doctor should include with their report what type of activity the patient can perform, when to expect any improvement in the condition, or if the injury is a permanent disability.

Follow Their Instructions

Osteopaths will offer treatment, recommend exercise, or even suggest diet changes to help reduce the pain and heal the body. Patients should follow their instructions as well as the orders from a primary physician or surgeon. Not following medical instructions or following through with treatment is one of the main causes of workers' compensation denial.

Have Some Witnesses

A back injury affects every part of the life of the victim. They may need help with putting on clothes or climbing in and out of the tub. They may stop taking part in their hobbies or other physical activities because of the pain. Even driving or grocery shopping can become impossible. People who experience this level of disability will have witnesses to the changes in their life.

Contact anyone who can attest to the lifestyle changes, like neighbors, family members, and former gym partners. Their statements can help to prove that the pain is genuine and provide more of the evidence needed for a positive outcome.

Contact a Lawyer

Workers' compensation cases are much more complex than people may realize. The boards that make these decisions need specific paperwork and standards of proof. The injured employee has a lot of rules to follow to avoid a refusal of benefits. The complexity can be too much for someone who is in pain, losing sleep, and worried about paying their bills.

A lawyer is an advocate for the employee. They help organize paperwork to outline the details of the original accident and events since that time. Lawyers make suggestions to their clients about any added proof they may have available that people often forget. Their help avoids delays, denials, and unfair or illegal tactics by employers.

Avoid Giving Up 

Some people do not want to lose their jobs and worry about their ability to survive. The pain can make it easy to feel vulnerable and as if winning their case is impossible. They might lie to their doctor about their pain level to get a note and return to work. This choice could sacrifice their ability to claim compensation and lead to another injury that prevents them from working at all.

The Law Office of Meier, Wickhem, Lyons & Schulz, S.C., has represented many clients struggling to prove their back pain is real. We guide people through the workers' compensation process so they have a much greater chance of a better outcome. We don't charge for an initial evaluation, so contact us today to schedule a consultation.