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Transactions and Leases in Janesville, Wisconsin

A home for sale
Meier, Wickhem, Lyons & Schulz represents buyers, sellers, developers and condominium associations in residential and commercial real estate transactions. We also provide counsel for business formation.
Mark Schulz brings more than 20 years of experience in real estate law, business law and commercial law. He represents individuals and businesses in the Janesville area, Rock County and the surrounding counties in southern Wisconsin. Call 800-803-1138 to discuss your pending transaction or business venture.

Residential Real Estate

Mr. Schulz provides full-service representation to homebuyers, including drafting or review of the offer to purchase or counteroffers, title review and resolution of any liens, defects or restrictions on the lot, or attending the closing to ensure that the transaction is completed. He also counsels sellers on what they need to do to protect themselves, including verifying financing commitments, reviewing inspection reports and ensuring that all necessary disclosures have been made.

Commercial Real Estate and Condos

We represent developers, builders, buyers and owners in negotiating and executing commercial property transactions and tenants or landlords in drafting or review of commercial lease agreements.
Mr. Schulz also has experience preparing the documents to establish condominiums, including the conversion of existing duplexes, quads and apartment buildings. He also advises condo associations needing help in routine business affairs, such as management structure and board meetings, as well as assessments and statutory reserve accounts.

Business Start-Up

A limited liability company or other closely held business has important implications for the owners, including personal liability, taxation, profit sharing and management structure. Mark Schulz works with the client and the client's CPA, accountant and investment advisor to help walk them through all considerations of entity selection (LLC, S-corporation, partnership) and drafting of the operating agreement, shareholder agreement or partnership agreement.
He assists new businesses with licensing, reporting and regulatory compliance, and advises on long-range strategies, such as succession planning, sale of the business, dissolution, and adding or subtracting investors or partners.
Contact an experienced real estate and business law attorney who will personally attend to every aspect of your transaction. Call Mark Schulz at 800-803-1138 or email him.