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Employer Bad Faith Claims in Wisconsin

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If your employer or its insurance carrier is giving you the runaround or violating your rights regarding a workers' compensation claim, we can help. Our attorney has intervened to get clients their rightful benefits and successfully sued employers for damages in bad faith denials.
Meier, Wickhem, Lyons & Schulz in Janesville offers a free consultation. Call 800-803-1138 to discuss disability insurance denials or claims violations stemming from your work-related injury. We represent workers in Rock County, surrounding southern Wisconsin and statewide.

Bad Faith Claims in Workers' Compensation

Jim Meier brings decades of experience and focused knowledge in workers' compensation law, including bad faith claims. He has held employers and their disability insurance carriers accountable for all applicable benefits and statutory penalties or civil damages:
  • Bad faith claims denial or bad faith termination of coverage: We demonstrate that the injury was significant, work-related, properly reported, and that there was no justification for rejecting the claim other than employer reprisal.
  • Unreasonable refusal to rehire: An employer cannot refuse to take an injured worker back after disability leave. When employers maintain there is "no opening at this time," they have a continuing obligation to offer employment when an opening arises.
  • Unreasonable delay in payment: Your employer is obligated to promptly reimburse medical bills and commence weekly wage benefits within a timely period.
  • Termination or retaliation: An employer cannot fire you or take any adverse action for filing a workers' compensation claim.
  • Safety violations: An employer can be penalized if willful disregard of state or federal safety regulations caused or contributed to injury.

Free Case Evaluation and Aggressive Representation

Your boss cannot harass or threaten you with termination while you are on authorized disability leave, under penalty of law. But your employer can require you to return to work if the treating doctor clears you to resume duty. You are entitled to rely on the opinions of your doctor, not the insurance company doctor.
If you believe your employer committed claims violations or bad faith actions, contact Meier, Wickhem, Lyons & Schulz. Contact Jim Meier by calling 800-803-1138.